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Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Sword
Cost 1 Prestige
Peril Rating Sun, Shield, Shield
Artwork Jerome Jacinto



-2 Health per Follower target has recruited.


"It's a simple transaction, really. You give me gold and I bring you a head." - The Executioner


This card is quite powerful if you have opponents that have Followers. Use it to disrupt an opponent at a key moment or claim a juicy Bounty. As with most damaging cards, it's best played when you can kill your opponent - if you can do so, it will at least offset its Prestige cost, and more if the target has a Bounty.

Assuming your opponent has Followers, this is one of only two Trickery Cards that can target an opponent in the Palace, so if you are playing a trickery-heavy strategy and your most threatening opponents have enough Followers, this card can be worth holding on to in order to stop them from taking the crown.

If your opponents don't have many Followers, this card is better burned - its Prestige cost makes it not worth it if it fails to kill.