Bear Clan

Bear Clan crest

Strength in Spirit
—Bear Clan motto

The Bear Clan is one of the major clans of Armello.


Bear Capital

The Bear Clan capital.

Of all the great clans of Armello, the Bear Clan is the most attuned with nature itself, venerating the very essence of the Wyld, the natural font from which the world's magic flows. To this end, some Bears take up rolls as shaman or sorcerers who directly tap into these mystic conduits, but never at the expense of the land itself. Druids have a high position within their society, acting as keepers of the balance and maintainers of ancient prophecies that may aid them in modern times.[1] Their lives have only been made more difficult with the appearance of the dark force known as Rot.

Bear Clan members have often been employed as soothsayers and spiritual advisers to the royal court of Armello since its inception.[2]

Bear CapitalEdit

The Bear capital sits within a vast, dense forest with rolling streams below and thick tree canopies above. Runed stone markers dot the landscape, along with ceremonial stone circles from a bygone era, which are still used by Druids for ceremony on moonlit nights.[3] At the center of the capital sits the Wyld Tree, the single most sacred landmark in Bear culture, and a living symbol of the power of nature and magic as one.[4]


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Brun Sana Ghor Yordana


Bear Clan rings grant its heroes benefits while on Forest or Stone circle tiles, or additional bonuses for playing Spell cards.

Name Effect Unlock
Jade Jade Gain +3 Magic if you're in a Forest at Dawn. Default
BearRing1 Quartz -1 Rot if you're in a Stone Circle at Dawn. After 2 games
Amethyst Amethyst Gain +1 Magic for every Spell card burned,

Gain +2 Rot for every Rot Spell card burned.

After 5 games
BearRing4 Amber Burning Sun and Moon Cards in Battle is always considered a Hit. After 10 games


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