“Rot incarnate. Spectral harbingers of death and darkness. In the darkness it festers; a beast of loathsome terror, awakened by hate and anguish.”

Gold 0

A Bane is a enemy creature that spawns from dungeons spontaneously at night, and can be rolled on dungeons randomly when explored (more likely at night than day). Banes can also be summoned by the appropriate King's Declaration or brought forth with with the Malice Rising Spell Card. Preexisting banes can be lured to a desired tile with Cub's Blood.

All banes start out with a Rot stat of 5, and 1 action point per turn. Banes that slay a hero will add one point to that hero's Rot stat when they respawn. Like the King, Banes add one point to their Rot stat every evening and heal one point to their Body stat each time they slay a Hero or King's Guard, making them a force to be reckoned with if left unchecked.


  • Banes appear on a few different cards in the Armello Universe: Malice Rising, Dark Influence, Rite of Wyld, and the Item Card Cub's Blood.
    • There is even a Treasure Card called Bane Blade, it features no banes in it's artwork but it is an infamous and powerful weapon of Rot.
    • However, the Treasure Bane's Claw is exactly as it sounds, a Bane's severed talon!
  • Banes are hunted daily by the King's Guard.
  • Like all corrupted creatures, Banes cannot survive while on Stone Circles, and will not move to those tiles intentionally. They can, however, be pushed onto a Stone Circle if defeated in battle, or lured to it with Cub's Blood, where they will die instantly.
    • Heroes do not gain Prestige for pushing Banes into Stone Circles.
  • Eucl3D's Bane miniature floats in the back, much like how it does in Armello. The tile it sits on helps to balance it perfectly, almost better than the other figurines.


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