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Bane Blade
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Treasure Card Treasure Card
Symbol Worm
Cost Gain 2 Rot
Peril Rating -
Artwork Simon Boxer

Bane Blade is an Item Card and Treasure Card. It must be equipped to take effect. When burned in Combat or Perils, it always produces a Worm die.



In Battle, +4 Dice. After each Battle where you don't kill your opponent, -1 Health. Gain 2 Rot (upon equipping).


"Such evil, such malice, such hatred, must never fall into the possession of the corrupt..."

--Wyldseer Oren


This card can be gained just like any other Treasure card. That is, through Quests, from Dungeons, Biff's Black Market, Random Events, and awarded by King's Declarations, etc.


Bane Blade is quite strong offensively, making you quite deadly in combat. However, the +2 Rot gained by it makes a conventional Kingslayer victory quite difficult with it - +4 dice doesn't help you defensively against the King, while the 2 dice the King will likely get from your Rot will very much hurt - not to mention the dawn Rot damage and the passive damage you may take from fighting King's Guards with this. You probably won't struggle to kill the King but you're quite likely to be killed in return.

As such, Bane Blade is at its best in either a Rot victory (as it gives Rot), a Prestige victory where you try to win by bullying your opponents, or a Spirit Stone victory where the Spirit Stones purge your Rot anyway and you use Bane Blade simply to help you in combat.

Fang particularly appreciates this, as it allows him to trigger his ability often, and his fighting skills mean that opponents will rarely survive an attack. Heroes with low Fight appreciate Bane Blade's ability to make would-be opponents second-guess fighting, but they don't want to get into actual fights that often as they are more likely to incur the Health penalty for failing to kill. (And if they pick up a Bounty, King's Guards can become quite a nuisance if they swarm you with this weapon!)


The card depicts a sinister-looking sword stabbed into cracked stone, surrounded by rotten vines.