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Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Moon
Cost 1 Prestige
Peril Rating -
Artwork Adam Duncan



Converts Forest into a Swamp. Creatures on Tile suffer -2 Health.


"There is no worse act, no greater desecration, than to set the Wyld's heart aflame. Shame!" - Elder Priest Torr


If a weakened opponent happens to be on a Forest tile, killing them refunds the cost of this card and gets it out of your hand, and it can turn a profit if you can hit an opponent with a Bounty.

If you don't care about Prestige (either because you have a solid Prestige lead, or someone else does), you can also just play it to burn it, choosing a Forest that other heroes are more likely to traverse. You can make the road to the palace just a bit tougher for your rivals with some thought! Ghor particularly dislikes this card - making it harder for him to keep his shield up.

If Prestige is contested and you could win, it's better to burn this card to allow for other cards.