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Armello combat-ambush

Amber experiencing an ambush when she attacked Mercurio. Note the stylistic lock and chains over her cards; illustrating that she is unable to burn cards.

While under the influence of Stealth, a Hero gains the combat element of Ambush. An ambush is triggered in either of two ways:

  1. When a character attempts to move onto a hex which is (knowingly or unknowingly) occupied by an opponent who is stealthed. In this case, the two Heroes will automatically enter combat and the offensive player will be ambushed.
  2. When a player, from a position of stealth, attacks an opponent on an adjacent hex. In this case, combat will trigger as normal, but with the defending player ambushed.

Ambushed players are unable to burn cards to gain a tactical advantage, although the number of dice they throw is unaffected.