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Call it as you wish. As long as she keeps raiding those dungeons and bringing back her trinkets, she's richer than any of us - and more important, too, for that matter.
The Far Seeker
Rabbit Clan Rabbit Clan
Diurnal (Day)
Gold 8

Amber (The Far Seeker) is a playable Hero and member of the Rabbit Clan. She was one of the four original characters of Armello, and is available to all players without DLC. Boundless in curiosity and adventurous spirit, she frequently explores ancient dungeons and ruins for treasure to the point of obsession.


Amber Model

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Amber is white rabbit draped in appropriately amber and black Elizabethan-style dress, and carries an Asian-inspired silk umbrella and sword for fending off not-quite-dead denizen of the dusty depths. As a former heiress of a very well-to-do family among the Rabbit Clan, she exemplifies all the traits of the high class while simultaneously living a life of adventure and intrigue as a relic hunter.

In addition to sating her hunger for excitement, her excursions also grant her valuable trinkets that add to her already impressive wealth.[1]

She is the main character of the Armello novella/audio book The Far Seeker.[2]


Amber has above-average Wits and Spirit stats, with average Fight and Health. Despite not excelling in any particular area, she does start out with more gold than any other Hero. Being diurnal, she is stronger during the day than she is at night.

Hero Ability[]

Tomb raider

Amber's unique hero ability is Tomb Raider: Amber has a higher chance of finding rewards when exploring a Dungeon.

Amber's ability gives her an advantage with frequent Dungeon visits, though the exact advantage may vary since exploration outcomes are based on chance.


Rabbit Clan rings grant its heroes benefits while on Plains tiles, or provide additional Gold or Prestige.

Name Effect Unlock
Emerald Emerald In Battles and Perils, +2 Shields on Plains. Default
Pink Topaz Pink Topaz Doubles Gold gained from settlements. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Amber.
Diamond Diamond +1 Prestige per Equipped Treasure and Recruited Follower. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Barnaby.
Sunstone Sunstone In Battle and Perils at day, +1 Sun. Win 5 games for the Rabbit Clan.
Rainbow Quartz Ring Rainbow Quartz +1 Magic and +1 Gold every Dawn. Reach Hero Mastery Level 2 with Elyssia (from The Usurper DLC).
Taaffeite Ring Spinel Get a 20% bonus in all Quests. Reach Mastery Level 2 with Hargrave (from The Rivals DLC).


  • Greetings: A fine day to you.
  • Farewell: Fare thee well, as they say.
  • Oops!: I... didn't mean to do that.
  • Bad Luck: Unlucky break.
  • Thanks: Thank you!
  • Sorry: I'm sorry.
  • Mercy: Leave me be!
  • Well Played: Hmph! Impressive.
  • Laugh: Haha! Oh.
  • Go for X: We must stop X!
  • Truce X: X. Peace would yield much between us.
  • Threaten X: Make your peace X.
  • Curse: Arhh! No!
  • Ouch!: Ow! Ow! Wyld that hurt!
  • Go for Self: Come fools. Let me show you all what I can do.
  • Truce Self: No friends in a dungeon. I work best alone
  • Threaten Self: I've seen horrors. I won't let Armello fall.
  • Wow: I've never seen anything like that!
  • Boast: Rule? No harder than anything else I've done.




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