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Agent of Misfortune
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Trickery Card Trickery Card
Symbol Moon
Cost 1 Gold
Peril Rating -
Artwork Jerome Jacinto

Agent of Misfortune is a Trickery Card. It is drawn from the Trickery Deck and may be played on a Peril. It will produce a Moon die when burned in combat or in perils.



Heroes who fail the Peril suffer -1 Health per unmatched symbol.


Bad luck happens, right? Well, throw me some gold and it can happen... a lot more.



Agent of Misfortune is playable only to Perils, forming it into a "Mini-Palace Peril", as described by League of Geeks on a Twitch Livestream. When used, any hero who stumbles into the peril will suffer one health per unmatched symbol, very similar to the Palace Perils An Unseen Death, Mother's Maze, The Tricking Paths, and Fool's Fountain.


If you have some Gold and/or a landowner bonus, feel free to throw this on a Peril that you're unlikely to face, or perhaps to bolster a Peril you played on a settlement of yours to try to dissuade a rival from taking it. It's at its best on a Peril that already does damage, like Lightning Strike or Mercenaries, in the hope of making it lethal to its victim. This is especially if it's on one of your settlements (or one of your Peril), as if your opponent dies to the Peril they fail to take your settlement (or you get Prestige for the death).

Agent of Misfortune combos with Cursed Lands, making the Peril more likely to connect, and potentially deal 1 more damage.

Agent of Misfortune is cheap, so you can play it to burn it absent any good way to use it, but if you're strapped for Gold it may still be better to find a way to burn it.