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Sana, with 3 AP remaining.

Action Points (often shortened to AP) are used in a variety of player actions in Armello. The default number of action points available to spend by Heroes each turn is 3. Banes are given only 1 action point unless the King declares otherwise. The King's Guard are given 2 action points, of which they usually only use 1 of unless a Bountied Hero or Bane is two hexes away.

  • Most hexes cost 1 action point to traverse.
  • Entering a mountain hex requires 2 action points.
  • Entering (or attempting to enter) the Palace Gardens will strip the Hero of all action points.
  • Attacking another character requires 1 action point. Characters do not enter combat upon entering a hex adjacent to another character.
  • The Amulet Sprint will allow +1 action points after death for that Hero's next turn.
  • Heavy Plate Armour will give +3 shields in battle in exchange for -1 action point while equipped.
  • Cards such as Haste, Strategist, and Hot Rot Wine will give Heroes extra action points.


  • Most prominent during the un-hotfixed v1.2 of Armello, glitches known as NMAs would sometimes happen, causing the game to stop (not freeze) after a player ends their turn with 0 AP. Animations on Cards, Heroes, etc. would continue with ease, but any further actions in the game would be completely stopped. The only way to fix the problem would be for the NMAed player to disconnect from the game, but the remaining players will usually continue to experience problems if the game is allowed to proceed.